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Premier Pizza was created by Paul Reade in 1990 at the tender age of 18.

After working in various pizza delivery outlets he decided to go it alone and open his own takeaway business, but where to start! He looked at the takeaway market Peterborough and Whittlesey but there was already businesses trading in both places, then looked a little further afield to Wisbech and discovered there wasn't anything like that there so decided to go for it and on the 15th June 1990 Premier Pizza was born.

His first shop outlet was in a factory unit in Leverington on the outskirts of Wisbech, and proved to be an instant hit with the town as it was the only pizza delivery business there at the time.

As time went on the obvious move was to be nearer the town centre, so another property was sought and the business remained there for the next 3 years before moving even closer to the town centre in 1995 until 2000.

However Paul always hoped to run a pizza business in his home town of Whittlesey, so in 1998 he bought a local business and brought Premier Pizza to Whittlesey, and the rest is history. After taking a less active roll in the business for the last 4 years he is about to put his pinny back on and deliver piping hot delicious pizzas once again, this time with the help of his wife Joanna.

The History of Pizza in Whittlesey

Pizza, we believe, came to Whittlesey in 1986. The first Pizza shop was opened by Rinaldo Fusulu (night club owner and pizza king). This business became Santino's in 1988 and then Pizza Perfection in 1989 at it's location opposite the Black Bull in Market Street (now Hong Kong Gardens).

Around this time Hunter's Den in The Delph was operating and we believe Pizzas were sold from here for about 4 years. Pizza Guys made a grand entrance in the site of the Sunshine cafe in 1993 and Brian, one of the owners from here still operates today under a different brand.

Pizza Perfection changed it's name again to Pizza Gallery and moved premises to Causeway Mews. Premier Pizza then took over the business and used the same pizza oven dating back to 1986, which was a traditional stone oven right up until 2005. This was changed to a newer more efficient conveyor oven to cope with demand for pizzas in the town.

Premier pizza still runs the original pizza business from all of those years ago.

Party Orders Now Taken

We now do bookings for party orders day or night, Notice in advanced is required

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